Different Hacks that can turn into saving time in Kitchen Life

March 5, 2019 0 By Kent Jones

Cooking could be a daunting task particularly when you have loads of other tasks to do as well. However, in order to enjoy cooking, it is essential that you simplify your cooking process and are able to cut down on the extra time being spent in the kitchen. In this manner you would have surplus time to spend on other activities and thereby could enjoy cooking as well. Here are a few tips on how to save time in the kitchen:

  • Before beginning to cook, read the recipes to their fullest. This could save on your preparation time.
  • It is not necessary to peel all produce and instead you can eat the skin of some fruits and vegetables. All vegetables and fruits have fiber and nutrient dense skin and hence; for tender ones you don’t need to peel them.
  • Before starting, put all the ingredients together in place. In addition to this, get your pans ready as well. This could aid in avoiding recipe disaster.
  • Try cooking once and preparing many ways. Particularly for long cook items, you can cook extra and then use the leftovers for preparing fast meals.
  • Save small bits of meals for your next meals. These could be added ad ingredients to your next meals as flavor bombs.
  • Keep cleaning the kitchen alongside your cooking. Fill the sink with soapy, warm water and keep sliding the dishes into the water. When you are done, it would be much easier to clean the dishes. Also try to make one pot meals so that fewer dishes are dirty.
  • Use mineral water for cooking dried beans as the added elements would help in faster cooking.
  • Reduce cooking time for vegetables by first sautéing them and then adding water or stock. It also enhances the flavors.
  • Use the right kitchen tools like good set of sharp knives, and a food processor. The best food processors could considerably aid in terms of reducing the time and effort required for food preparation. FoodProcessorHub can help you if you want to read further information related to food processors and view food processor reviews.
  • Over the weekend, takeout some time for preparing for the week’s cooking. You can prepare the vegetables and cut or mince them according to your week’s plan and hence; save time during hectic weekdays.